Natural Deodorant


This all natural solid bar has no fillers, no water and is aluminum free. Lightly scented with Lemon Grass or available in unscented

96 g   $12

Refills $10

Pain Rub


For sore muscles, joints and bruising

This formula combines magnesium chloride, meadowsweet, arnica, St John's Wort and Menthol Crystals

0.5 oz $4  -  1oz $8  -  2oz $15

Healing Salve

Healing Salve
dig it! Naturals
wound care

For wound care, and persistent skin conditions.

 1/2 oz Slider Tin $5  ~  2 oz  $15

Chest Rub


Soothing Chest Rub, made with organic olive oil, local beeswax and therapeutic grade essential oils, to soothe congestion, and aid in relaxation

1oz  $8

Wild Rose Water


100% pure Nova Scotia Rose Water

Hand picked and steam distilled

Rose brings calm, focus and increases concentration.  Rose opens the heart to love and pleasure.   

Spray: Face, body, yoga mat, rooms, linens, and more

With it's cooling effects, it's ideal for cooling burns, fevers and hot flashes. Makes a natural and gentle facial toner, beneficial for all skin types 

2oz Glass Spray $16 (refills $14)

4 oz Glass spray $30 (refills $28)

Facial Serum


Hand picked and solar infused calendula, borage, and evening primrose, in sweet almond oil,  rose hips infused organic jojoba oil. Contains dried lavender buds, rose petals and calendula petals.

30 ml  $15  ~  60 ml $28

Everything Spray


One product, so many uses!

Hand sanitizer, air freshner, gear spray, linen spray, yoga mat, taps & door handles when viruses are rampant, and even lice prevention!  

For Lice Prevention, spray hats, hoods, backpacks, and hair daily.

Made with locally distilled oregano hyrdosol and combined with essential oils, this multi-purpose spray has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.


4oz $14 refills $10

Facial Toner


 Facial Toner
This lovely blend of three hydrosols: Geranium, Tulsi (Holy Basil) and Calendula combine for an exquisite toner. This original blend is astringent, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, skin softening, and helps to naturally balance oil glands. 

Great for all skin types.
The gentle and natural scent is calming and uplifting. There are no added essential oils, only the naturally occuring oils from the steam distillation process.

A decadent splash of wild rose hip infused organic jojoba oil adds nourishment and gently moisturizes the skin.  

2 oz  $12   refills $10

4 oz  $22  refills $20

Bugs & Ticks


An all natural and effective bug and tick repellent.  Made with locally distilled geranium hydrosol, and a blend of essential oils, including rose geranium and cedarwood (known tick repelling oils).

4oz  $14  refills $10

*Mason jar refills available 8oz $20

Rescue Lotion


Deeply mositurizing, this lotion is perfect for dry and cracked skin.

.5 oz $4   1 oz  $8    2oz  $15

Cold Sores & Warts


This all natural treatment, is effective at reducing the symptoms and severity of a cold sore.  Raw honeycomb, lemon balm and all heal combine for a healing balm that targets the herpes sipmlex virus.

This is also an effective treatment for getting rid of plantars warts, when combined with daily application, and a 5 day deep exfoliating cycle.  May take 3+ weeks of daily treatment until healed.  


Calendula Hair Volumizer



De-frizz, define and detangle those curls with this all natural hair product.  Made with locally harvested and steam distilled calendula hydrosol, aloe gel, glycerine and a splash of Nova Scotia Vodka.   Not just for curls, this will also add volume to straight or wavy hair.

4 oz  $12  refills $10

Calendula Lotion


Hand-picked calendula solar-infused in oil, combines with steam distilled calendula hydrosol for this thick and creamy lotion.  

1 oz $5  ~  2 oz $10

*sold out

Beach Bum Butter


A summer time essential!  

Zinc, Raspberry Seed Oil and Carrot Seed Oil offers natural protection against UVA/UVB Rays.  

2 oz $12   ~   4 oz  $22

*not currently in stock

Anti-Itch Stick


Hand picked, solar infused Jewelweed oil brings soothing relief to itchy bug bites, hives, rashes and other skin conditions.

4.25g    $5

Lip Balm


soft and luscious, moisturizing and smooth, this original formula lip balm honours the healing benefits of hemp seed oil, calendula and .  



Headache Oil


Hand picked and steam distilled applemint hydrosol combined with a 1:1 dilution of Magnesium Chloride and high quality essential oils offers  cooling and calming effects, that also helps to increase blood flow to affected areas.  Available in 10 ml glass roller ball applicators.  


Refills $10

Baby Bum Butter


Soothing, gentle, and quickly absorbed into the skin the salve is perfect for sensitive baby skin.  Made with wild-harvested plantain, wild violets and calendula.  

Not just for babies! This product also make a wonderful and light facial moisturizer.  This product has so many uses and benefits.  It's also sold as skin soothing salve, and as a paw wax for dogs (available in an easy application tin to rub their paws in!)

.5 oz $4  1oz $8     2 oz $15

Paw wax tin $15

3-in-1 Facial Moisturizer


Make-up Remover, Anti-aging & Moisturizing

This superior product is made with borage, rose, calendula, and carrot seed oils help and restore and replenish damaged skin

2 oz   $15

*sold out

After Sun Spray

Soothing and cooling Applemint hydrosol, aloe gel, aloe leaf juice, combine to cool a burn and repair the damage from too much sun.

2.7 oz   $12 

Refills $10

Luscious Lip Gloss


Castor Oil, beeswax, peppermint and mica for tint, makes up this simply scrumptious lip gloss.  Smooth and silky, with just hint of colour. Provides a sheer and glossy tint to the lips.


Lice Prevention Spray

Use this spray daily to help prevent against lice.  Spray hair and back of neck area, as well as hoods, hats, coats and backpacks (and any other items that hang on shared coat hooks!)  

Made from locally distilled Apple Mint Hyrdosol, and combined with added essential oils of Tea Tree, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Rosemary and Lavender.  

4oz    $14

Refills  $10

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