My Story

Warm Greetings!

Almost 10 years ago my family moved to this beautiful property, located in Hillsvale, Nova Scotia.   5 acres of lawn and beautifully landscaped gardens.  After several years of trying to maintain the property, while juggling 4 young kids, an invasive weed appeared which I thought threatened to take over.  I tried to dig it up, and pull it out, only to have it come back stronger.  

I decided I'd have to properly identify it, in order to learn how to kill it.  Not having any knowledge of how to look up a wild weed, the task took me three months (remember I have four kids!) to finally identify it.  Stachys Palustris, commonly know as Marsh Woundwort.  Woundwort.  The name says it all!  This plant has wonderful medicinal properties, which I now use in my Healing Salve.  Upon learning the many benefits to this 

edible and medicinal plant, it set me on a fascinating journey learning about all the healing and health promoting plants that were 

growing right under my feet.   

After years of self directed and experiential learning, I enrolled in the Bellebuono School of Herbal Medicine and became a 

Certified Community Herbalist.      

I am inspired to create lotions, potions, salves and sprays with healing and health promoting properties, using ingredients that I harvest locally.  

Herbal Tea Garden

Hidden spaces are scattered along the sweeping paths

Tarah Gibbon

Certified Community Herbalist & Owner