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Tarah Gibbon

Community Herbalist, Tarah Gibbon

Creates natural herbal body care products, using local wild-crafted herbs and hydrosols (steam distilled plant and flower waters), quality oils and butters (mostly organic), and locally sourced, Hants County beeswax.

Inspired to create lotions, balms, salves and sprays with healing and health promoting properties, Tarah uses fresh and local herbs which are carefully harvested at their peak, making some creations only available on a seasonal basis. Each creation contains locally harvested herbs and/or local beeswax.

dig it! Naturals is about more than products made with high quality, all natural locally harvested ingredients. We provide work training opportunities, life skills, and social skill development for people with diverse abilities.  Through our work, we identify passions and interests and create community experiences that reflect each individuals personality and abilities.   

Each product purchased helps us fulfill our Mission: Growing inclusive communities through social innovation. Tarah is passionate about supporting people with disabilities, and combines Independent Facilitation Services with community experiences through the dig it! Naturals line of products.